Award & Recognition Programmes

“What gets recognised gets repeated”.


Linking the values and behaviours that underpin your business with a recognition programme can have a profound effect on your employees' performance and morale. The best schemes don't just motivate, engage and retain staff, they give talented people a real sense of empowerment and belonging – helping you become an employer of choice and doing wonders for your bottom line.


We have the experience and know-how to provide you with the very best recognition programmes so that your employees aren't just recognised but they can also recognise their peers too. MotivAction understands the individual and strategic importance of recognition and have developed a principled approach that is backed by research and proven in practice.


  • Leadership, Integrity & Example
  • Empowering & Trusting People
  • Design, Involvement & Engagement
  • On-going Communication
  • Simple Structure
  • Awards to boost Recognition


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