Corporate Activity Days 

Nowadays everyone has heard of corporate activity days and how they are meant to bring teams of individuals together to teach them something in a fun way. Indeed, when we have fun, we tend to remember every little detail for years! It is with this method then that individuals can be shown how to communicate effectively, how to consider others and how to work together as a team to build their own particular company into a leading brand.


The first thing that organisers of these events do is to work out with the company or individual what their initial goals are. These are the SMART objectives which the client decides on once they know what kind of impact they want to make on the participants. Questions like – what should they learn or feel as a result of the whole process? 


Most companies want to build their employees into a cohesive team of go-getters. However, it may well be that the company wants to pick out which members of the group are likely to be exceptional leaders or innovators in the future. When people relax, often in a fun setting, natural traits can be spotted far more easily than when they are at work and have their company ‘façade’ up.


In the initial stages of organising the event, The MotivAction Team will discuss various options and ask plenty of questions so that the client gets exactly what they need from the event.


The theme of the occasion is also an important decision. It is thought that by breaking the ice and getting everyone to drop their guard, their true personalities will shine through. It may well be that the company merely wants to give their workforce some kind of boost of energy to increase output. Staff away days are an effective way of doing that. 

This can be done with ‘It’s a Knockout’ or country pursuits or an action packed motorised event that help participants get the adrenalin going as a team and enjoy themselves.


Lastly, corporate activity days fit so many situations and events can be tailor-made to achieve what a company or individual needs. What the participants get out of the event is carefully monitored for productive and informative feedback.