Making a Difference

Creative Events that won't cost the earth

MotivAction was founded in 1987 . Over the past ten years ago the founders started two not for profit social enterprises, one at the home of MotivAction, Church Farm Ardeley in 2008, the other at Aldenham Country Park. MotivAction's profits go direct to sustain these social enterprises.

We can offer our clients events that won’t cost the earth, that focus on sustainability and help boost local economies and communities as well as achieving business objectives, often for less cost.


SOCIAL CARE WORKING WITH PEOPLE WITH DIFFICULTIES - The Rural Care team are a part of daily life at MotivAction, assisting with everyday tasks, which helps us and provides the opportunity to gain valuable life skills and experiences. From vehicle maintenance checks, sorting and delivering post, to general mucking in on a variety of projects. You can join in with the team as part of events at Aldenham and Church Farm. Similar projects can be integrated into events anywhere in the world.


VENUE FINDING – we promote green and eco venues, that support environmentally friendly and sustainable practises; champion the use of Fair Trade, locally sourced produce. 


TRAVEL EXPERIENCES THAT PUT SOMETHING BACK - It is possible to experience and appreciate natural spaces and cultures, while conserving and minimizing our effect on the environment. Make a lasting impact in the local community, while engaging your employees in a fun and educational teambuilding project with tangible, long-term benefits for local families and the planet.



Whilst traditional, 5 star luxury sales incentives can be effective, there is a growing trend to provide more personalised experiences that resonate with personal drivers. Green Reward featuring only sustainable products and experiences, from eco-friendly products, weekly organic vegetable box deliveries, organic farm experiences to family camping weekend trips, are seen by many businesses as the way forward.



Working with your preferred suppliers, we can offer gap analyses for events and programmes that are already underway and provide sustainability reporting and on site monitoring and measuring to ensure the event is aligned to your organisation’s CSR and sustainability commitment.


FOOD RESCUE - we can arrange for excess food and drink from events to be donated to local soup kitchens and food banks.


RECYCLE & REUSE – as owner of event equipment, props and activities, we often adapt and reuse. When creating from scratch, where possible we use green and recycled materials. One off, bespoke products, designed for a one of use, often find another life at one of our venues.


FAIR TRADE, ORGANIC, LOCAL – we use Fair Trade, organic and local produce on cooking events and activities.


MotivAction is particularly suited to organisations and events that are about sustainability and to those that take seriously the impact enterprise can have on people and the environment.


We look forward to working with you to make a difference