Creative Exhibition Stands and Marketing Event Ideas

Innovative marketing exhibition and event ideas


Exhibitions are tough marketing battlegrounds. But how do you grab footfall to ensure your share of the spoils? By outdoing the dull, staid and traditional exhibition stands fighting against you...consider going green at your next exhibition, research shows that organisations who live their values through things like exhibition stands, benefit. In fact, consumer attitudes improve as companies act on environmental and social issues.


MotivAction focuses on the design of creative exhibition stands and the use of interactive marketing, exhibition and event ideas. Designed and created with your market and brand values in mind, our approach to exhibitions will allow you to deliver a huge marketing impact and maintain an edge on your competitors throughout an exhibition or event. 


Go PaperlessCollect data electronically - collect your leads electronically on an iPad or mobile phone, or data capture Apps that integrate with your CRM system.


Build it Better - Use green & recycled materials - avoid materials like foam, plastics and adhesives which are hard to keep from landfill.


Entertain Creatively - Instead of the usual on stand activities, make your stand an activity hub to engage customers and members in projects that share your values. 


Give Better GiveAways - Rather than mass-produced branded plastic items, offer useful, needed items and charitable gifts that also give back.


MotivAction will challenge the limits of live marketing events and design an exhibition stand concept to stand way above the competition. Spread your message with a powerful dose of targeted creativity.