Team Building Activities

Corporate Team Building Events and Team Building Days

We help you build corporate teams and improve cross-team co-operation to create unified organisations. Corporate team building is achieved through fun rather than adversity, through creative challenges rather than the arduous and strenuous. 


Our programmes will achieve your objectives implicitly through the event itself, or explicitly with the help of expert facilitation. With over a thousand ideas for team building exercises and events in addition to twenty years' experience in corporate team building events, MotivAction is perfectly placed to design and deliver the right programme for your organisation


Ideas for Corporate Team Building Exercises and Events, UK

  • Conference breaks to week-long events

  • Make a film, create a Chain Reaction

  • Use the arts in business

  • Drumming icebreakers, teamwork tasks and horse whispering

  • Global Enterprises business game

  • Charity challenges

  • Design and facilitation 


Over 1,750 options, ideas and events are outlined in our online events catalogue. 


MotivAction has the experience, ideas and solutions to help you build and work as one team, using our latest corporate team building exercises and events.


For inspiring teamwork, call 01438 861821.