Venue Finding

Free Service, Greener Venues, Creative, Quirky & Unusual


We can assist with sourcing venues that meet your event requirements and work with them to ensure minimum standards for sustainability are reflected in their business practises. By working with venue partners we offer excellent value and a one-stop shop for your event.


Choosing independent venues, as opposed to the multi national chains, can help boost local economies, because, at the most basic level, when you buy local more money stays in the local community. Often, independent venues support local food suppliers and producers which can help re-establish local agriculture and micro businesses. They are often  quirky too!


Our wealth of knowledge and expertise means that we can recommend the perfect setting, for any occasion, from our in-house database of UK and international locations. Increasingly, clients are favouring the unusual, venues that demonstrate and reflect their own policies on green issues and sustainability, therefore our offering will always promote venues and hotels that demonstrate they’ve embarked on the sustainability journey and they’re implementing steps that will reduce the amount of waste, carbon emissions, energy and a host of other factors that will mutually benefit the planet and the local community.


  • Exclusive Retreats
  • Glamping & Camping
  • Prestigious & Upmarket
  • Sporting
  • Academic
  • Rustic & Rural
  • UK & Overseas
  • Unique and the eclectic


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