Film and Multi-Media

Scripting, Producing, Filming, Editing 

With photographers, videographers and multi-media editors working in our in-house design studio, MotivAction has the right creative team for any film-based project. 


We will work with you to produce all aspects of film and multi-media projects including:


  • Conference stings 

  • Engaging messages

  • Flash and web delivery

  • Script, film, edit

  • Creative production

  • Studio photography

  • Location shoots

  • CD/DVD production


For media excellence, call us on 01438 861821

Web Design and Development

Effective Design and Administration

MotivAction’s in house studio is able to create and develop websites to accompany and complement any event or project. Whether you’re logging on to sign up for the latest staff celebration, looking to update or redesign your company site or hoping to reach out to your partners through integrated e-mail campaigns, MotivAction has the resources and expertise meet any objective.


Our web designers and developers work extensively across our portfolio:


  • Information sites

  • Registration sites

  • Reward banking

  • E-Shot invitations

  • Recognition systems

  • E-Learning sites

  • Corporate web sites



Call us on 01438 861821 for help and advice on all web design queries.

Displays and Exhibitions

Creative Design and Construction.
Want to create a visually stunning display or exhibition stand?

Helping you to stand head and shoulders above the competitors, our in-house team can design and create modern, innovative and cost effective event and exhibition displays, graphics and banners. 


Whether you want to turn your exhibition stand into a British seaside, your event reception area into 1920s gangster hangout or your awards ceremony into Jame Bond’s Casino Royale: MotivAction can design displays to amaze your audience and create long lasting memories associated with you.


If an off-the-shelf product doesn’t fit the bill, we can provide you with a tailored solution. 


Please call us on 01438 861821.

Large Format Printing

Our creative team can brand your brand to life through the design and production of eye-catching banners, backdrops, stands and posters

For conferences, team building activities, exhibitions or brand communication events: we can produce a range of vinyl and pop-up banners, supremacy stands, A-frame graphics and posters.

Our in-house team provide a hassle-free service for all forms of large format and specialist print jobs – all within budget and with total control on quality:


  • Flexible with fast turn-arounds

  • Competitive in-house design and production

  • Quality assured and controlled

  • Stunning sets and staging

  • Branded backdrops and room banners

  • Billboards and mega-posters

Call us on 01438 861821 for help and advice.

Live Communication Events

Brand Awareness and Development - Building and Increasing your Brand Awareness

You have your product, service or offering, but need to ensure that your message is taken up effectively by those who matter - your consumers. Live communication events can help you to build your brand and maintain the edge over your competitors. 


MotivAction's communication team has three decades of experience in designing and creating live communication events in the UK and abroad. We work alongside you to understand your objectives and then design, plan and produce brilliant live communication and brand experiences.


Live Communication Events:

  • Brand experiences and brand development solutions to interact directly with your customers and allow them to 'live' your brand

  • Field marketing to target specific promotional avenues and effectively tap into new markets

  • Creative exhibitions to wow customers and put your business head and shoulders above the rest

  • Integrated campaigns merging all aspects of live communication 

  • Product launches that are engaging, exciting and memorable

Building brand awareness and delivering great customer experiences: MotivAction produces live communication events that make an immediate impact and will bring your brand the success it deserves.