Culture Change Consultants, Team Building and Corporate Events

Embedding Values and New Behaviours

MotivAction offers significant practical experience to assist any organisation with the challenges of cultural change, brand engagement and alignment of values.

Typical challenges of Globalisation, Cultural Integration and Brand Change

A change of this magnitude impacts everyone in an organisation, from CEO at the top, to those at the bottom of the structure. Coming to terms with the change raises emotions in the whole organisation. These typically arise from or can be alleviated by:


  • Understanding a different culture and coming to terms with a change in personal role.

  • Establishing alignment and understanding of new priorities and plans.

  • Cascading new leadership direction throughout the organisation while maintaining credibility for the old team, its direction and behaviours.

  • The catharsis of change and letting go.

  • Gaining buy-in and engagement into what a brand stands for and what it means to people on the ground.

  • Understanding and accepting new values, transforming the values into language that I understand and can act on.

  • Bringing alive the behaviours associated with a revised brand and values, throughout the organisation

  • Reinforcing the change in values and behaviour through award and recognition and also leading by example.


In short, MotivAction can help you engage the Heart while building rationale for the Head: helping people to get on the bus; get an understanding of the direction the bus is going in, build some excitement about where the bus is going, and be able to make their own choices about making the change a success while creating a better understanding of what they need to do in order to make it happen.


Experiential Programmes

Our core expertise at MotivAction centres on the inspiration of people through experiential activities. We combine fun activities and facilitation to deliver engagement, learning and action that can be translated into the workplace. Programmes delivered for our clients have varied from one off events to programmes lasting a week, or over 12 months or more. Each one has been designed to fit the specific needs of the organisation we have been assisting and target the outcomes that have been agreed beforehand.


We do this through workshops, conference content, meeting support, and selected activities tailored to deliver key metaphors with or without facilitation. We deliver this through our in-house team and our specialist associates, with the additional support of our internal design studio for Web based and paper based communication materials.

Business and Employee Loyalty and Reward Programmes 

As a specialist provider of reward, loyalty and incentive solutions for businesses, MotivAction can help you to engage, inspire and improve the performance of:


  • Your people – Culture and Values, Service and Recognition 

  • Your bottom line – Sales Incentive Programmes 

  • Your customers – Loyalty and Incentive Programmes 

  • Your resellers – Channel Sales Incentive Programmes 

Programme Design: Whether you are looking to improve performance or engage your people, MotivAction can help you design a programme that meets your objectives and outcomes and identify key success factors.
Web Technology: Using world leading technology our software will meet your incentive loyalty and reward needs through one platform.
Marketing & Communication: With 30 years experience in engaging and motivating for our clients, we can provide full marketing and communication support to help launch programmes and drive on-going engagement.
Programme Support: We are here to manage all of your support needs and participants’ services. How much we manage is entirely up to you.
Reward Fulfilment & Green Rewards : Whether you are recognising your people for adopting more sustainable practises at work, or looking for a more ethical approach to traditional ‘points make prizes’ schemes, we can design reward schemes that feature only sustainable products and experiences, from eco-friendly products, weekly organic vegetable box deliveries, organic farm experiences to family camping weekend trips. Our extensive range of rewards and experiences will ensure there are many reasons to stay engaged. 

Incentives for Sales & Promotions

Measurement, Results and Behavioural Change

‘What gets measured gets done’ is the management mantra. Rewards lead to repetition. Incentives are highly effective in creating short and medium term motivation.


Working with you to design the right incentive programme for your organisation, MotivAction will also keep detailed sales and performance measurements highlighting the success of each motivation programme and suggest further improvements. 


Whilst traditional, 5 star luxury sales incentives can be effective at meeting specific targeted drives, increasing sales and driving staff performance, there is a growing trend to provide more personalised experiences, indigenous to the programme destination, incorporating activities that allow attendees to give back to the communities they visit, share memorable and meaningful experiences.


Each programme is tailored to your business and features appropriate, creative experiences to drive top sales or performance, whilst strengthening bonds and a sense of company pride.

Business Performance Improvement Methods and Plan

Designing and Delivering Sustainable Change 

We can help you to drive business performance through your people. You may need a short term tactical boost to deal with a specific project, or be planning for long term success.


In the motivation sector for thirty years, MotivAction has become a specialist in business performance improvement processes and implementing performance improvement methods.


Combining methods of reward and recognition, incentive awards, performance measurement and business reporting, MotivAction will design and deliver processes to improve performance across all areas of your business. 


Performance improvement solutions typically involve:

• Consulting and gaining genuine buy-in
• Over-communicating and celebrating success
• Integrating learning
• Providing reward and recognition
• Measuring and monitoring performance
• Constantly reviewing and renewing methods


Working closely with you and your team, we will bring fresh, principled approaches to help you achieve world class performance and move your business to the peak in your industry.


For consultation on performance improvement in your business, call us on 01438 861821.


Award & Recognition Programmes

“What gets recognised gets repeated”.


Linking the values and behaviours that underpin your business with a recognition programme can have a profound effect on your employees' performance and morale. The best schemes don't just motivate, engage and retain staff, they give talented people a real sense of empowerment and belonging – helping you become an employer of choice and doing wonders for your bottom line.


We have the experience and know-how to provide you with the very best recognition programmes so that your employees aren't just recognised but they can also recognise their peers too. MotivAction understands the individual and strategic importance of recognition and have developed a principled approach that is backed by research and proven in practice.


  • Leadership, Integrity & Example
  • Empowering & Trusting People
  • Design, Involvement & Engagement
  • On-going Communication
  • Simple Structure
  • Awards to boost Recognition


 For consultation on performance improvement in your business, call us on 01438 861821.