Team Development Programmes and Training

Employee Development and Training Programmes

Develop your business through the improved ability of your teams.

Using targeted experiential learning, educational tasks and expert facilitation, we can provide the right solution and strategy for training your team or management group.


A team from MotivAction will work with you to understand your organisation and objectives before creating tailored employee training and development programmes.


Specialists in employing development programmes to improve team cohesion and effectiveness, we can also design and implement management strategy training. 


We have 1,750 options, ideas and events that can be tailored to meet your team’s development needs. From groups of four to four hundred (and beyond) our experienced trainers and facilitators work in line with you to provide the right experience to meet your desired outcomes. 


We will design an event or programme that integrates experiential learning with practical outcomes that are memorable, educational and fun.


01438 861821: phone us to discuss how we can help you design and deliver an outstanding team event or employee training and development programme.

Practical Leadership Skills and Management Training Strategies

Practical Leadership and Management Skills Training 

Provide a catalyst for the growth of your company with the education and development of your future leaders and management team.


MotivAction can design and implement leadership and education experiences tailored to your organisation's structure and objectives.

We develop teams, managers and leaders, cost effectively, by delivering programmes with tried and tested material and effective, practical leadership skills training.


We have unrivalled access to thought leaders in the field, and have access to intellectual guidance from John Adair: one of the most influential authorities on leadership and the development of leadership skills.


Combining experiential learning with the examination of leadership skills and management strategy training, MotivAction will provide the right programme for your people to develop their skills and contribute to the future success of your business.


We can offer education and development programmes within inspiring surrounding or at a venue to suit your group.


Call 01438 861821 to discuss how we can help your teams in the development of practical leadership skills and management training.


MotivAction also offers: 

In-house design 

Travel services

Events Management 

Trusted corporate events management - Inspirational events, brilliantly delivered

Corporate events and conferences are ideal routes to increase staff motivation, reduce costs and trigger performance improvement. MotivAction is a full service corporate events management agency offering companies assistance in delegate management, venue procurement, and event production.


  • Creative conferences organisers to communicate key business messages and improve effectiveness to create inspirational events. We will take the heat out of the conference planning process

  • Outstanding creative events to give teams unforgettable experiences

  • Team building activities and team bonding events: creative, fun and perfect for improving staff performance and allowing teams to gel

  • Corporate parties, evening entertainment and celebrations to reward staff and celebrate success

  • VIP hospitality: great to treat key clients and build relationships

  • Bespoke special events to embody brands and impress audiences

  • Corporate activity days at a fantastic range of venues around the UK

  • Consciously Different providing our clients with practical tools and solutions on how to be more socially and ethically aware when holding conferences and events. 

MotivAction will work alongside you to understand your aims - offering a personal service and creating inspirational events to achieve your objectives and exceed your expectations, all within budget! With thirty years' experience in corporate events management and a comprehensive in-house portfolio, MotivAction has planned, organised and delivered over 20,000 events for groups of 5 to 50,000 people.

Leadership and Development Programmes, Team and Employee Training

Leadership Programmes for High Performing Teams 

Great organisations have great people working together at all levels. This means effective synergy between management, leaders and teams.


MotivAction designs and implements tailored leadership and team development programmes to engage your people and create positive behavioural change: leading to high performing teams, emotional loyalty and greater business success. 


We use clear proven models adapted to your individual situation to create innovative leadership programmes:



We start by gaining a thorough understanding of your objectives and learning outcomes to create a programme that stimulates, engages and challenges the audience. Robust action planning will help transfer the skills and behaviours back to the workplace. All of our leadership programmes are flexible and can be adapted to run anywhere.

Venue Finding

Free Service, Greener Venues, Creative, Quirky & Unusual


We can assist with sourcing venues that meet your event requirements and work with them to ensure minimum standards for sustainability are reflected in their business practises. By working with venue partners we offer excellent value and a one-stop shop for your event.


Choosing independent venues, as opposed to the multi national chains, can help boost local economies, because, at the most basic level, when you buy local more money stays in the local community. Often, independent venues support local food suppliers and producers which can help re-establish local agriculture and micro businesses. They are often  quirky too!


Our wealth of knowledge and expertise means that we can recommend the perfect setting, for any occasion, from our in-house database of UK and international locations. Increasingly, clients are favouring the unusual, venues that demonstrate and reflect their own policies on green issues and sustainability, therefore our offering will always promote venues and hotels that demonstrate they’ve embarked on the sustainability journey and they’re implementing steps that will reduce the amount of waste, carbon emissions, energy and a host of other factors that will mutually benefit the planet and the local community.


  • Exclusive Retreats
  • Glamping & Camping
  • Prestigious & Upmarket
  • Sporting
  • Academic
  • Rustic & Rural
  • UK & Overseas
  • Unique and the eclectic


Call us on 01438 861821 for free venue finding and advice.